PostUp adds the ability to automatically assemble emails through your CMS

The email service provider also now supports push notifications for email subscribers.

Marketers just want their content and related promotion to get into the right channels, but vendors are focused on their channel-specific tools.

This week, email service provider PostUp is reaching out to other channels, with its launch of the Continuum Digital Publishing Suite.

As the company’s updated platform, the Suite now allows marketers to send push notifications to email subscribers who have offered their phone numbers or have linked up their mobile device ID.

There is also RSS integration with WordPress and potentially other content management systems, so that the same content used in a web page can also automatically assemble emails, such as newsletters, from the same CMS screen.

A user tags the content in the CMS, so that it matches the tags in the PostUp email template. There is also a built-in approval process for the automatically assembled email, before it goes out:

cms_step2The Austin, Texas-based company is also now offering a mobile-app creation service for its clients, which include the Golf Channel, Disney, HBO, NBC and Sony.

Andrea Bridges-Smith, PostUp’s Product Marketing Manager, told me that the new Suite “absolutely” represents an effort by the company to expand beyond email. Previously, she noted, the platform had been focused on email, with some capability for SMS messages, but not push notifications or CMS integration.

She noted that competitors in the email service provider space include Maropost and Sailthru, but “we’re the only one for creating and sending an email newsletter [through a CMS] without logging into [our] platform.” Others allow pulling in content through an RSS, she said, but without the flexibility offered by her company’s platform.

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